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5 Critters That Invade Your Basements & Attics

5 Critters That Invade Your Basements & Attics

If you are facing a wildlife invasion in your property, then the obvious place where the wild creatures might be staying is a basement or attic. These spaces are often cozy and less visited by homeowners which makes them a perfect place for their habitat. There are many wildlife creatures who gain access inside your property to tackle the cold winters with their young ones. Before looking out to find any living species, its important to know that what kind of animals might be residing down there is the basement or attic.

  • Squirrels: Squirrels are the most common wildlife who invade a property in search of food and shelter. You can easily find them roaming inside your yard or crawling over the trees. Though squirrels are harmless to humans, they are not less than destruction to a property. These creatures use their front teeth to gnaw or tear the wiring in your attic which leads to dangerous house fires.
  • Raccoons: Raccoon are largest of those animals who invade an attic. Their size make them easily noticeable and are greatly responsible for making nuisance and noise inside a home. Raccoons are dexterous creatures who use their hands to rip off the fascia’s, fences, roof shingles and attic insulation, thereby causing expensive losses. They are also carriers of various infections and diseases.
  • Rats: Mice and rats belong to the rodent family and are very small to be noticed moving around. They are found all around the world and held responsible for tearing away the belongings including clothes and paper. They can make holes in the walls to get access to a property. Rats generally invade an attic to enjoy a cozy space. They carry numerous microbes who can deteriorate the health of a family.
  • Birds: Birds invade attics and basements during harsh seasons to find a cozy and warm environment to live in. Sparrows, starlings and pigeons are common birds that build nests and lays eggs in residential attics. Once their eggs hatch and the harsh season is over, they’ll themselves leave the attic or basement.

These are some of the wildlife creatures that commonly invade a home. If you are looking for a professional animal control company for effective wildlife removal in Niagara, feel free to contact our experts at Pro Wildlife Niagara.