St. Catharines is also known as ‘The Garden City’ because of 1000 acres of gardens and parks here. These beautiful parks and gardens attract both the tourists and the wild animals and birds. That’s why Pro Wildlife Niagara is here to offer its exceptional wildlife removal and control services in St. Catharines.

Contact our experts for wildlife control and removal services in St. Catharines.

What Can We Do For You?

Pro Wildlife Niagara is a team of professionals providing effective wildlife removal services in St. Catharines. We make sure to remove every type of wild animal from your property in a safe and timely manner. Our services include:

  • We employ experienced professionals who will offer quality and effective wildlife removal services.
  • We provide 24 hours a day and 7 days a week service to our clients in St. Catharines. So feel free to call us anytime – midday or midnight.
  • We use the latest equipments and products to make sure that the animals are removed from your home without any hassle and in less time.
  • We will remove nesting, feces and other debris and clean your place with disinfectant so that you can rest assured that your home is free of bacterias and viruses.
  • Our certified and qualified experts can handle easy to difficult wild animal removal task adroitly.

Our Comprehensive Wildlife Removal Services in St. Catharines

Pro Wildlife Niagara prides itself on offering exceptional wildlife removal services along with great customer service. Our animal removal St. Catharines services are customized as per the needs of our customers. Our wildlife removal services include:

Raccoon Removal

Your house is an excellent habitat for a raccoon family. For them, your garbage cans and dumpsters are an ultimate source of food. Raccoons are strong animals that can easily tear apart your plumbing fixtures, insulation and other building structures. Our raccoon removal plan of action includes – raccoon search, raccoon trapping and raccoon removal.

Skunk Removal

Our professionals will first identify all the possible hideouts of the skunks to set a trap around those places. We make sure to relocate these animals safely instead of killing them.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can damage your home structures, chew wires and pipes. They also carry numerous diseases. Thus, it becomes essential to remove them from your property as soon as possible. Our professionals will trap them and relocate them away from your dwelling.

We, at Pro Wildlife Niagara, strive to deliver top-notch wildlife removal and control services in St. Catharines. Our advanced tools and products help us to offer instant and effective services.