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What Sort of Damages Are Caused By Squirrels?

What Sort of Damages Are Caused By Squirrels?

Though wild animals like raccoons and squirrels are both cute and innocent creatures, there are often disliked by homeowners due to the clutter and damage they cause. Squirrels are small, but nuisance creators that belong to the family of rodents. They are responsible for causing extreme damage inside a property, like fallen fruits, chewed wiring, cluttered nuts and many more. If you ever notice a squirrel climbing the trees inside your yard, call in wildlife removal professionals right away to prevent expensive property damages.

Some of the damages caused by squirrels are:

  1. Tear Materials: Since squirrels are small, they manage to enter inside a home through the tiniest wall cracks or holes. In case there is no such crack or hole present on your structure, then these creatures will surely chew up the sidings and shingles to gain an entry inside the attic or basement.
  2. Chew Wires: Once these animals find their way inside, the havoc they’ll create can’t be imagined. Starting from the attic insulation to wiring, they’ll chew up each and every thing. As squirrels move through every place in the interiors, they’ll keep on collecting materials that are suitable to build a warm and cozy nest. This means who’ll end up searching for your socks around the home and will actually find it in the squirrel nest.
  3. Dig Gardens: The favorite food for these wild creatures is fruits and nuts. They actually invade a property that is rich in food sources. Squirrels can not only destroy your yard, but can even infiltrate the pantries and stored food supplies. They damage a garden by partially eating ripe fruits and vegetables. They are also responsible for digging shallow holes and digs inside the yard. To protect your garden or yard, its important to call in animal control experts for squirrel removal.
  4. Chop Furniture: Most possibly, you might be having a garden swing that is made of wood or even wooden fences. If yes, then keep them protected from squirrels as they can chop your furniture with their sharp teeth.

These are some of the expensive damages caused by squirrels inside your property. If you are facing squirrel infestation and want to control their population, feel free to call our wildlife control professionals at Pro Wildlife Niagara.