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How To Tell I Have Skunk In My Yard?

SkunkSkunks are often found in your yard, and they can transmit diseases to humans such as rabies. Skunks are primarily known for releasing the spray from their anal glands that cause intense discomfort if it gets into your eyes.

Unfortunately, the skunk use this spray for self-defense this is why it is advisable that no one should try to remove them on their own. Here are listed the signs of skunks infestation that you can notice in your yard and immediately call the professionals for safe removal.


Skunks are natural burrower, and they often burrow and make holes in your garden, which is a significant sign of their presence.


Skunk droppings resemble cat droppings and can be usually measured around ¼ to ½’’ in diameter. Generally, their droppings are tube-shaped, dry and flakey.


These creatures are infamous for the smell of their defensive spray. The skunk spray smells strongly like rotten eggs or sulfur, and it may linger on surfaces.

Your Pet Barks

If you have dogs at your home, they will start barking when notice something strange is happening around them. You can immediately begin detecting your yard.

On noticing these signs of skunk appearance in your yard, immediately call us at Pro Wildlife Niagara. We specialize in providing humane and professional wildlife removal and control service to our clients at a budget-friendly cost. Let us diagnose, capture and remove the skunks from your home safely. Call us to get free estimates for animal removal services.