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3 Ways To Control & Prevent Raccoon Invasion

3 Ways To Control & Prevent Raccoon Invasion

Raccoons are one of the nuisance creatures who invade a yard in search of food and shelter. They are responsible for causing a great clutter and damage to property. Due to various threats they pose on a family, it’s advised to get these animals removed as soon as they are spotted.

Since dealing with raccoons on your own can turn out to be dangerous, never try DIY wildlife removal techniques. Prevention is better than cure. If you are able to deter the raccoons at the starting stages of the invasion, you can ideally prevent or control their habitat.

Some tips to keep raccoon at a bay are:

  • Don’t Feed Them: Raccoons love roaming and feeding in yards. They often think that your yard is their ultimate restaurant which is filled with everything they eat. Once they invade your yard, soon they’ll start moving in and out of your home like any other family pet.
    The biggest worry is that these creatures are carriers of several microbes and bacterias which can infect humans. The ultimate way to prevent them is to eliminate all the food sources, such as rotten fruits, dried leaves etc. away from a property.
  • Shoo Them Away: Unlike other wildlife creatures who are brave and ferocious, raccoons are extremely coward creatures that are even afraid of a broom. It’s pretty easy to scare away a raccoon family just by waving a hand or stick. Each time you notice them moving inside your home, shoo them away. This regular shooing may provide some relief from their future visits.
  • Shock Them: Though it is not a humane way of deterring a wildlife, its effects may turn out to be permanent. By installing shock repelling products at the places where a raccoon often visits, one can frighten them away with a mild shock. Try installing electric fences that provide a great assistance to deal with an unwanted raccoon invasion.

These are some of the common ways to prevent or control raccoon population inside your home. If you are looking for a professional wildlife control specialist to remove a raccoon from your yard, feel free to contact Pro Wildlife Niagara right away.