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Pro Wildlife Niagara is a fully insured and licensed company offering professionalism towards nuisance wildlife problems and wildlife control Welland. Our wide experience and continuing education provides us with a solid foundation of wildlife damage control knowledge. Education of our customers is a crucial component as well, and we take care to ensure that our customers are aware of their nuisance wildlife’s biology and behaviors.

Pro Wildlife Niagara evaluates each problem and recommends the solution that will best fit your unique situation. We not only trap and remove animals, but also make sure that they do not come back. Our skilled technicians will perform necessary repair work to your structure, sealing it against future wildlife intrusion.

We provide residential, commercial and industrial animal removal Welland. Our prices are competitive, our response in fast and our solutions are permanent.

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Our Services

Skunk Removal

Skunk is a creature known for its infamous smell. All skunks have scent glands located on both sides of their anus. These glands produce an oily secretion that smells like rotten eggs. Skunks use this secretion as their weapon against predators. When your yard is invaded by a skunk, you know it’s an urgency to get rid of it. Pro Wildlife Niagara will remove the skunk(s) from your property and will take necessary steps to keep the other skunks away from your yard.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons on your property can be destructive. Pro Wildlife Niagara strongly believes in a humane approach to removing raccoons. Our removal process involves one of our experienced technicians coming to your property to assess the problem. We will safely, effectively and humanely remove raccoons. We will also perform a thorough inspection of your property to determine how the animal has entered your property and prevent its re-entry.

Squirrel Removal

We usually live harmoniously with the squirrels living outside our property. The problem only occurs when they get inside. Squirrels can enter the attics through the tiniest openings or chewing through fascia board. In fact, it is the chewing habit that makes them dangerous to homes. We will successfully eliminate a squirrel infestation by providing trapping services and removal. Then we will monitor every hole to make sure no squirrels are still coming in and going out.

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