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Do you have skunks living under your foundation, deck or patio ? If yes, then you can benefit from our skunk removal services. At Pro Wildlife Niagara, our professionals are trained to identify skunk entry points, and point out future problem areas. Using specialized, hands-on removal techniques our professionals will safely and humanely remove skunks from their dens.

We serve the residents of St. Catharines, Niagara falls, Welland and Grimsby.

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Nuisance Concerns

One of the biggest concerns is the odor. Skunks often inhabit human dwellings. They live under sheds, decks, porches, etc. They may scent or discharge mark these areas, creating an unpleasant smell. Many people dislike skunks on the property due to the fear of getting sprayed. There’s also a concern of pet/skunk conflict. Skunks do a lot of digging, and can damage a lawn.

Skunk Biology

The Striped Skunk weighs from 4-10 pounds and is 24-30 inches long. They are easy to recognize with their black and white coloring. They usually mate in late February, and young ones are born in May. The young ones follow the mother around, and after a year, they depart to live on their own. Skunks can live 2-4 years in the wild.

Skunk Behavior

Skunks are mostly nocturnal, and look for food in the nighttime. They are omnivores, eating both plant and animal matter. Their activity is very low during the winter. Skunks are known for their defensive mechanism – when threatened, they will lift the tail, and discharge a strong-smelling liquid from special glands near the anus.

Skunk Removal

One of the best skunk removal methods is to trap the skunks in cage traps, and relocate them. It is an easy and an effective method than trying to kill the skunks. Trapping them and relocating them at least five miles from your property will solve the problem. However, trapping can be quite tricky, due to the animal’s spraying ability. To avoid getting sprayed, it is always best to take help from a professional.

Skunk Control

Of course, you can prevent skunks from invading your property. They are often found under decks, porches and sheds. Installing an exclusion barrier around the deck can prevent them from crawling under. Make sure not to leave out any food item that will attract skunks.

Trap And Remove Skunks Now!

If you have skunks on your property or need removal work performed, Pro Wildlife Niagara will trap and remove this wildlife from your property in St. Catharines, Niagara falls, Welland and Grimsby. Our technicians will also seal the openings to prevent future intrusions.

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