How To Tell I Have Skunk In My Yard?

28 Jun 2019
How To Tell I Have Skunk In My Yard?

Skunks are often found in your yard, and they can transmit diseases to humans such as rabies. Skunks are primarily known for releasing the spray from their anal glands that cause intense discomfort if it gets into your eyes. Unfortunately, the skunk use this spray for self-defense this is why it is advisable that no one should try to remove them on their own. Here are listed the signs of skunks infestation that you can notice in your yard and immediately call the professionals for safe removal. Holes Skunks are natural burrower, and they often burrow and make holes in your garden, which is a significant sign of their presence..

How Pro Wildlife Niagara Helps With Safe Animal Removal?

31 May 2019
How Pro Wildlife Niagara Helps With Safe Animal Removal?

When you notice the signs of wildlife infestation like strange noise in the attic, nesting material, visible damage and animal feces, the wise decision will be consulting with wildlife removal specialists. Because, animals such as skunk, raccoon and squirrel are not easier to catch as they can attack in self-defense. It will not be easy for humans to catch wild animals using their home remedies as aggressive animals can attack you. So, you should contact the professionals. How The Professionals Can Help You? The team of professionals undergoes the training on how to deal with aggressive animals quickly without delivering any harm to families. To make things easy, they follow.

Common Wildlife Removal Mistakes That You Should Avoid

29 Apr 2019
Common Wildlife Removal Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Getting wildlife infestation is something that can be unnerving. Property owners tend to underestimate how challenging and dangerous it could be to deal with wildlife. Some animals like raccoons and squirrels are the cleverest that can sense the danger and run away. On the other hand, some animals could be aggressive, and they can attack in defense. So, when you are trying to handle them, don’t make the common mistakes that most homeowners often make such as: Seal Animal’s Home Several homeowners tend to seal the hole where animals live. This one is the more significant mistake because there could be babies of that animal. Your this act can make.

How Does Wildlife Get Into Your Home?

13 Mar 2019

Do you ever think about how wildlife manage to access your home? Once squirrels, raccoon, skunk and other creatures locate your home, they cause damages to your property and assets. If you are not able to get them out, they can even spread dangerous diseases. For safety purpose, you should pay attention to all the openings through which the wildlife used to come inside. Here are a few entryways that wildlife might try to break into your home. Roof Vents When the temperature begins to drop, animals often attract to the warm air that comes through vents in your roof. If there is any gap existing nearby the vent cover,.

5 Ways Raccoon Can Access Your Home

26 Feb 2019

When you notice signs of having raccoons in your home, you first think about how they came into your property. A vital step in keeping your property raccoon free is covering all access points from where the animals are expected to appear. The wild animals like raccoon are the opportunist to take advantage of even minor structural crack to scratch and squeeze through it. So, here is a list of some common areas of your home you should pay attention to their periodic inspection to keep the animals away. Roof-Soffit Intersections RSI is a section of your roof where the lower and upper roof meets. Unfortunately, this is the ideal.

Help! My Squirrel Traps Are Not Working

30 Jan 2019

Are you trying to trap the squirrels, but not getting the right result? If yes, you may be using the wrong technique. Catching the squirrels on your own is one of the daunting tasks. The squirrels run very fast which turn out to be beneficial for their easy escape. In order to prevent the damages of squirrels, it is necessary to trap them. So, it is better to hire squirrel removal professionals to get rid of them safely. When it comes to catching squirrels on your own, people often make some mistakes which lead to unsuccessful result. Here are the common squirrel trapping mistakes you need to improve. Wrong Trapping.

Squirrels Are So Messy: 5 Preventive Measures To Keep Them From Coming Back!

14 Nov 2017

There are many homeowners who have to face backyard battle of wildlife creatures every new year. Among these wild creatures, more often task is to tackle with squirrels which are completely frustrating animals to eliminate.The squirrel presence become worse when they start damaging the planted gardens and squeeze a way into attics.For a homeowner,the priority task is to stop them before they completely ruin your property premises. If you want squirrels to never come back into your property, then must follow these few preventive measures to keep them at the bay: Seal All Entry Points In order to permit the wildlife entrance, you must seal all the entry points of.

3 Bad Effects That A Skunk Spray Can Cause To Humans

14 Oct 2017

Skunks are often cute to watch but on the opposite side, they give emission of foul odors through their skunk spray. Once the skunks enter the property, they can become a big nuisance to you as well as your family and loving pets. A skunk odor is a very common problem that easily detects from the targeted areas due to the strong foul-smell emission. It is not comforting to anyone to receive the skunk smell as it affects the health badly. Here are the few bad effects that are caused by the skunks when they spray their odor smell: Blindness: When skunk hits the spray directly in the human face,.

Skunks Under Your Deck? Call Out For Wildlife Removal Services

19 Sep 2017

Skunks are the most disgusting wild creatures, well-dressed in black and white colors and are great at spreading a mess of stinky smell all around. Humans want to eliminate these harmful animals at any cost to reduce severe property damages and health risks. When skunks start living with humans, become a serious health threat. They carry rabies which can cause inflammation in a brain which further results in death. If you having a skunk in your yard or basement, then call a professional skunk removal services for the better conclusion. The following are the five main reasons that why you must prefer wildlife removal services to get rid of skunks:.

3 Major Wild Creatures That Can Make Hole In Your Wallet

31 Aug 2017

Wildlife damage is the big issue for every homeowner. Wildlife animals create big destruction which can empty out your pockets and zero the value of your home. Some of the wild animals often make human houses their own homes in the desire of food, warmth and other reasons. When the concern is related to your home safety, one must look for these wild creatures and find out preventive measures to keep them far away. You can look for a few wild animals that give big damages to your property: Raccoons: Raccoons are wild animals that cause tremendous home damage. They usually attack food sources such as pet food and most.

3 Ways To Control & Prevent Raccoon Invasion

19 Jul 2017

Raccoons are one of the nuisance creatures who invade a yard in search of food and shelter. They are responsible for causing a great clutter and damage to property. Due to various threats they pose on a family, it’s advised to get these animals removed as soon as they are spotted. Since dealing with raccoons on your own can turn out to be dangerous, never try DIY wildlife removal techniques. Prevention is better than cure. If you are able to deter the raccoons at the starting stages of the invasion, you can ideally prevent or control their habitat. Some tips to keep raccoon at a bay are: Don’t Feed Them:.

5 Critters That Invade Your Basements & Attics

13 Jun 2017

If you are facing a wildlife invasion in your property, then the obvious place where the wild creatures might be staying is a basement or attic. These spaces are often cozy and less visited by homeowners which makes them a perfect place for their habitat. There are many wildlife creatures who gain access inside your property to tackle the cold winters with their young ones. Before looking out to find any living species, its important to know that what kind of animals might be residing down there is the basement or attic. Squirrels: Squirrels are the most common wildlife who invade a property in search of food and shelter. You.

What Sort of Damages Are Caused By Squirrels?

15 May 2017

Though wild animals like raccoons and squirrels are both cute and innocent creatures, there are often disliked by homeowners due to the clutter and damage they cause. Squirrels are small, but nuisance creators that belong to the family of rodents. They are responsible for causing extreme damage inside a property, like fallen fruits, chewed wiring, cluttered nuts and many more. If you ever notice a squirrel climbing the trees inside your yard, call in wildlife removal professionals right away to prevent expensive property damages. Some of the damages caused by squirrels are: Tear Materials: Since squirrels are small, they manage to enter inside a home through the tiniest wall cracks.

Check for Wild Animals When Cleaning Your House & Yard

28 Apr 2017

Wild animals are always looking for places where they can find food and shelter. They are generally found in the yards and hard-to-see areas in houses. Unfortunately, they also get injured or killed when homeowners don’t realize they are there. So, if you are planning to clean or repair around your home, take a look around to make sure there’s no wild animal hiding. What to Look for When Cleaning Your House When you start cleaning your attic, just take a look around for wild animal nests. Squirrels often seek shelter in attics as they like to gnaw on wood and insulation. When you clean your windows, they are so.

3 Preventative Tips To Keep Skunks Away From A Property

24 Mar 2017

Skunks are adorable, harmless but nuisance causing wildlife animals that can damage a property, scare children and emit foul odors.These small creatures usually invade an area due to food and shelter needs.Skunks are much like squirrels with white and black stripes over their body. Though these animals doesn’t bite, they can often attack humans by shooting a foul spray. If you are looking to remove them on your own, then it isn’t possible as these creatures are smart enough. To eliminate them from a property, its advised to call in professional animal control service. Some tips to prevent skunk invasion are: Don’t Leave Food Out: Since skunks are scavengers, they.

How To Keep Raccoon Away From Your Property

21 Feb 2017

Just like any other wildlife animal, raccoons are also in constant search of food. They may look harmless but can cause immense damage to your property. Here is a list of things they can do to your property. Breaking into your fence, deck and just anything in search of food Creating a lot of mess in the yard from digging through trash cans Spreading diseases to pets and humans Eating vegetation in your yard and around your home But, the question here is – how to keep raccoons away from your property? Here are some effective techniques to make your property raccoon proof. Install a Fence Around Your Yard It.

Six Important Things You Should Not Do If There Is Animal Living In Your House

18 Jan 2017

If you know that there are wildlife living in your own house, in such situation you need to stay calm and call the animal removal professional. There are a number of ways to eliminate them and keep you and your family safe. When you suspect animals in your house, it is highly recommended do to try to eradicate them on your own. Some animals are very dangerous, especially mother animals who live with their babies. At that time, it is crucial to hire an expert to eliminate them. But until the professional arrive, don’t do some silly things. Feed the animals: Many homeowners when see unwanted guests in their house,.

What Is Involved In The Wildlife Control Process

27 Dec 2016

When you faced a wildlife control issue in your home or office, you might not know what to do or where to turn. You may find a number of DIY and easy to fix solutions, but the reality is that these solutions are not permanent and they won’t guarantee the problem is fixed for good. Merciful wildlife control experts are focused on removing the animal problems at its root cause. They are equipped with the required tools, and a lot of knowledge. They have years of experience to efficiently and quickly handle the wildlife problem. You can be sure that the expert you hire will bring expertise and peace of.

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional For Wildlife Removal

21 Nov 2016

It is no secret that there are so many animals that are better off outside than inside. Rats, raccoons, squirrel, and skunk are a few animals. These animals have ability to destroy your attic, basement or even a whole structure of your house. Rats leave bacteria behind and they are causes of several deadly diseases. All these animals transmitted diseases in various ways, including their hair, droppings, urine and even saliva. A professional wildlife removal can help you eradicate the problem. Proper knowledge: Professional wildlife control specialist has the necessary training, knowledge and experience to humanely remove animals from residential and commercial properties. They also have ability to prevent the.

How To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell Effectively

05 Oct 2016

Relaxing in a house that smell very weird like a skunk is very difficult. Skunk odor can create a huge problem if the smell is coming from walls and furniture in the house. Removing weird habitat becomes a priority. A skunk habitat can be removed by following some simple ways. What to do if sprayed by a skunk? There are countless ways to remove weird smell from your foundation. You can adopt some natural ways or can use odor remover spray. If you want to get the awful smell out of your foundation, here are some useful tips. Find the source of the odor Your first should be to determine.

Got a Wildlife Animal in Your Home? Never Try The Following 5 Things!

30 Jun 2016

Seeing a wildlife animal in the zoo and your home triggers two completely different reactions! This is very natural as seeing a wildlife in your home can be a very scary thought. So, how does one go about it? Our professionals don’t recommend getting close to them or trying to implement any strategy without proper knowledge for the same. This is not worse as there might be a case when you would be standing in front of the wildlife in no time. So, what to do and what not to do? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you how to protect yourself in such a scenario. 5 Things Not To Do During.

How To Remove Raccoon From Your Home Humanely

02 May 2016

Getting rid of raccoons is a daunting task. It takes an integrated approach; you should apply different methods in order to effectively remove raccoons and keep them away from your property. Here is the step-by-step guide to help you get rid of raccoons: Remove Food and Water Raccoons are always in search of food and shelter. And they take up residence in residential establishments. It is vital to make your yard less inviting by preventing all the sources of food that might attract them. Remove trash and keep the garbage bins sealed. Clean up fallen berries, nuts, fruits, birdseed, etc. Don’t keep leftover food, drinks and pet food outside. Identify.