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5 Ways Raccoon Can Access Your Home

RaccoonWhen you notice signs of having raccoons in your home, you first think about how they came into your property. A vital step in keeping your property raccoon free is covering all access points from where the animals are expected to appear. The wild animals like raccoon are the opportunist to take advantage of even minor structural crack to scratch and squeeze through it.

So, here is a list of some common areas of your home you should pay attention to their periodic inspection to keep the animals away.

  1. Roof-Soffit Intersections
    RSI is a section of your roof where the lower and upper roof meets. Unfortunately, this is the ideal entry point for raccoons. They can quickly open the aluminum and plastic made flimsy soffits to access the attic.
  2. Roof Edge
    Edge of the roof is the area where the eavestrough connects to your house is a vulnerable part for raccoons intrusion. Though the eavestrough is designed to redirect the melted snow and rainwater, it can get moisture. As a result, raccoons can easily chew and scratch it to get inside.
  3. Roof Vents
    However, vents on your roof allow the air circulation in your attic, the animals can understand this air escape technique from your attic, and they start to destroy the vent cover to get inside. Again, aluminum and plastic cover are easy to break-in.
  4. Chimneys
    Female raccoon chooses the bottom of your chimney as an ideal place to nurse her babies. Once, raccoons make her home inside the chimney, it will be difficult to get them out. Use the high-quality cap to cover the chimney prevent animals.
  5. Plumbing Mats
    When installing a plumbing vent, you need to cut a hole through the roof so that you can extend the pipe outside. Then, you often cover the surrounded area of this hole using the rubber matting. Raccoons can easily pull and tear that rub mat to squeeze through this.

In a nutshell, first call the Pro Wildlife Niagara to get an effective solution for raccoon problems. Our team of professionals can trap and remove raccoons safely and humanely. Then, pay attention to repair all access points of your home to prevent the raccoons’ intrusion.