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How To Keep Raccoon Away From Your Property

How To Keep Raccoon Away From Your Property

Just like any other wildlife animal, raccoons are also in constant search of food. They may look harmless but can cause immense damage to your property. Here is a list of things they can do to your property.

  1. Breaking into your fence, deck and just anything in search of food
  2. Creating a lot of mess in the yard from digging through trash cans
  3. Spreading diseases to pets and humans
  4. Eating vegetation in your yard and around your home

But, the question here is – how to keep raccoons away from your property? Here are some effective techniques to make your property raccoon proof.

Install a Fence Around Your Yard

It is good to install a fence around the yard to protect your property from wildlife animals. While installing the fence, make sure you dig at least a foot deep so that the animals couldn’t crawl underneath a fence.

Cover Your Vents

Raccoons can get access to your home through a vent located around your home. Make sure the vents are covered with a slotted metal cover. These covers will not prevent raccoons from gaining entry, but will also allow room for steam and smoke to come out.

Barriers Around the Deck

Raccoons may use the space below the deck to hide and live. It is ideal to seal off the opening under the deck.

Cover & Regularly Empty Garbage Cans

Raccoons always look for food and can dig through the trash can to steal food. This can create a lot of mess. So, it is good to always keep the garbage bin covered and empty it daily.

If you have found a raccoon in your yard, don’t panic. Just call our professionals at Niagara Wildlife for help. We know how to effectively prevent them from your property.