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3 Preventative Tips To Keep Skunks Away From A Property

3 Preventative Tips To Keep Skunks Away From A Property

Skunks are adorable, harmless but nuisance causing wildlife animals that can damage a property, scare children and emit foul odors.These small creatures usually invade an area due to food and shelter needs.Skunks are much like squirrels with white and black stripes over their body.

Though these animals doesn’t bite, they can often attack humans by shooting a foul spray. If you are looking to remove them on your own, then it isn’t possible as these creatures are smart enough. To eliminate them from a property, its advised to call in professional animal control service.

Some tips to prevent skunk invasion are:

  1. Don’t Leave Food Out: Since skunks are scavengers, they can often be noticed roaming inside a yard searching for food items like nuts, berries, and fruits. During their search if they are able to find a home that is rich in food sources, the skunk family will find their way to enter and habitat a property. To prevent them from invading your place, do make sure that you clean away your yard to remove clutter and piles of dead grass.
  2. Leave a Light On: Skunks are nocturnal animals that usually come out in search of food during the night. When a person wakes up in the morning, he can only found the half chewed fruits on the ground, flowers plucked and pot holes that are cause due to digging. To prevent them from ruining your yard, install a motion sensor light outside your home. This will make the skunks realize that someone is awake and watching them constantly.
  3. Install Barriers: Since skunks are small, they can’t jump across high fences and barriers. This can turn up as a perfect solution to prevent skunks from gaining entry in your yard. Since they are good diggers, these animals can easily dig and crawl from beneath the fence. The ideal solution to the problem is to install plain barriers at least two feet underneath the ground to prevent digging up.

These are the few ways to prevent skunk invasion inside a property. If your home is currently being habituated by this wildlife creatures, consider calling our animal control professionals at Niagara Wildlife for effective removal service.