How To Tell I Have Skunk In My Yard?

28 Jun 2019
How To Tell I Have Skunk In My Yard?

Skunks are often found in your yard, and they can transmit diseases to humans such as rabies. Skunks are primarily known for releasing the spray from their anal glands that cause intense discomfort if it gets into your eyes. Unfortunately, the skunk use this spray for self-defense this is why it is advisable that no one should try to remove them on their own. Here are listed the signs of skunks infestation that you can notice in your yard and immediately call the professionals for safe removal. Holes Skunks are natural burrower, and they often burrow and make holes in your garden, which is a significant sign of their presence..

How Pro Wildlife Niagara Helps With Safe Animal Removal?

31 May 2019
How Pro Wildlife Niagara Helps With Safe Animal Removal?

When you notice the signs of wildlife infestation like strange noise in the attic, nesting material, visible damage and animal feces, the wise decision will be consulting with wildlife removal specialists. Because, animals such as skunk, raccoon and squirrel are not easier to catch as they can attack in self-defense. It will not be easy for humans to catch wild animals using their home remedies as aggressive animals can attack you. So, you should contact the professionals. How The Professionals Can Help You? The team of professionals undergoes the training on how to deal with aggressive animals quickly without delivering any harm to families. To make things easy, they follow.

Common Wildlife Removal Mistakes That You Should Avoid

29 Apr 2019
Common Wildlife Removal Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Getting wildlife infestation is something that can be unnerving. Property owners tend to underestimate how challenging and dangerous it could be to deal with wildlife. Some animals like raccoons and squirrels are the cleverest that can sense the danger and run away. On the other hand, some animals could be aggressive, and they can attack in defense. So, when you are trying to handle them, don’t make the common mistakes that most homeowners often make such as: Seal Animal’s Home Several homeowners tend to seal the hole where animals live. This one is the more significant mistake because there could be babies of that animal. Your this act can make.

How Does Wildlife Get Into Your Home?

13 Mar 2019

Do you ever think about how wildlife manage to access your home? Once squirrels, raccoon, skunk and other creatures locate your home, they cause damages to your property and assets. If you are not able to get them out, they can even spread dangerous diseases. For safety purpose, you should pay attention to all the openings through which the wildlife used to come inside. Here are a few entryways that wildlife might try to break into your home. Roof Vents When the temperature begins to drop, animals often attract to the warm air that comes through vents in your roof. If there is any gap existing nearby the vent cover,.

5 Ways Raccoon Can Access Your Home

26 Feb 2019

When you notice signs of having raccoons in your home, you first think about how they came into your property. A vital step in keeping your property raccoon free is covering all access points from where the animals are expected to appear. The wild animals like raccoon are the opportunist to take advantage of even minor structural crack to scratch and squeeze through it. So, here is a list of some common areas of your home you should pay attention to their periodic inspection to keep the animals away. Roof-Soffit Intersections RSI is a section of your roof where the lower and upper roof meets. Unfortunately, this is the ideal.

Help! My Squirrel Traps Are Not Working

30 Jan 2019

Are you trying to trap the squirrels, but not getting the right result? If yes, you may be using the wrong technique. Catching the squirrels on your own is one of the daunting tasks. The squirrels run very fast which turn out to be beneficial for their easy escape. In order to prevent the damages of squirrels, it is necessary to trap them. So, it is better to hire squirrel removal professionals to get rid of them safely. When it comes to catching squirrels on your own, people often make some mistakes which lead to unsuccessful result. Here are the common squirrel trapping mistakes you need to improve. Wrong Trapping.